Use the Best LinkedIn Organic Marketing Service and LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy

Linkedin is the world’s largest business network. Our mission is to implement the correct LinkedIn marketing strategy to help you grow your LinkedIn network, generate new leads and meet new interested partners in your industry. With a dedicated LinkedIn professional working on your profile, you’ll be able to monitor, maintain and optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy campaign.

Please note; we only offer LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B campaigns. To ensure you get the best out of the LinkedIn Business Network, please contact us prior to ordering to ask any questions you may have.

Why Use Our LinkedIn Strategy ?

  • Find new potential customers

  • Find new potential partners

  • Grow your newsletter list

  • Improve how your business approaches social media marketing

  • Utilize the fastest LinkedIn lead generation strategy

Here’s How We Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Optimize your bio text in English, French, German and Spanish (Native)
  • Create your LinkedIn sales messages

  • Create your LinkedIn banner

  • Translate seamlessly into English, German, French and Spanish

  • Cancel linkedin premium

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Our Plans

1-Month Promo Plan

  • 1 Profile
  • Perfect for testing or small promos
  • Between 500 & 1200 new connections*
  • Between 500 & 1200 sales messages**
  • Target Your Niche
  • Multiple Locations Targeted
  • 24-hour Email Support***

3-Month Promo Plan

35110% Discount
  • 1 Profile
  • Perfect for local promo
  • Between 1500 & 3600 new connections*
  • Between 1500 & 3600 sales messages**
  • Target Your Niche
  • Multiple Locations Targeted
  • 24-hour Email Support***

6-Month Promo Plan

62420% Discount
  • 1 Profile
  • Perfect for country promo (best seller)
  • Between 3000 & 6600 new connections*
  • Between 3000 & 6600 sales messages**
  • Target Your Niche
  • Multiple Locations Targeted
  • 24-hour Email Support***

*final figure can vary

**final figure dependent on number of new connections

***available Monday – Friday with reply guaranteed within 24 hours

Got a Question For Us?

Contact us over chat: Our LinkedIn professional adviser will respond to any questions or queries you may have.